Fish & aquatic life projects

Southeastern Anglers Association conducts many projects including: fish and aquatic life surveys, water quality testing, stream restoration work, educational programs and community outreach. All efforts put into these projects will help protect watershed habitats and ecosystems.


The ecosystems (aquatic or terrestrial) is a combination of both living and non-living components in an area where they interact together. An ecosystem is balanced when the animals, plants and non-living components are in harmony with no disturbance. With increasing pollution, change in migratory patterns, climate change and increasing human population, many ecosystems are at risk of losing that harmony.

Fish and aquatic life projects are a great way to gather information on different species living in the watersheds. These bio-indicators collected from the surveys can help us better understand the changes that goes on in the watersheds and determine the conditions of water quality.

The success of our efforts put into protecting the watershed habitat will help conserve future resources.