Other Programs


A collaborative effort between the SAA, the Cocagne sustainable development Group and the Kent Watershed Coalition gives us an opportunity to develop a yearly newsletter called “ Working together for sustainability”. It gives us the chance to show and talk about the important work accomplished made towards the environment during the year. It is distributed via Canada post to all residents include in the Chockpish, Bouctouche and Cocagne watershed.


Data Management

A lot of data and projects were initiated by local organization such as the South-eastern Anglers Association, the Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group, Kent watershed Coalition and various government agencies during the last 30 years. Various studies, monitoring program, stocking program, restoration work and management measures were undertaken. The large amount of information was scattered within different location, and we felt a need to solicit the data collected and make it more accessible to resource managers, partners and to the public in general.

An electronic resource centre was created to regroup recreational fisheries information with other environmental facts and is managed by the Kent Watershed Coalition. We know that it will help us enhance our knowledge on the fisheries, help fisheries management decisions, avoid duplication of work. Better plan projects and give us a better understanding of this natural environment.