Fish habitat Restoration Structures

Various in stream techniques were constructed to imitate the dynamic processes of the natural ecosystem. Fish habitat restoration projects are carried out in an effort to regain loss of fish habitat productivity, restore ecological function in damaged ecosystems. In conjunction with the riparian zone restoration that took place between 1995 and 2000, various type of structures were installed in section of the Bouctouche and Cocagne rivers.



A Pool was created at the junction of South and Main Branches of the Bouctouche River.


13 digger logs, Mill Creek Brook (Bouctouche Watershed)

20 Rock sills, South Branch Bouctouche

5 digger logs, Northwest Branch Cocagne


Total of 40 digger logs or tree deflectors, Mill Creek brook (Bouctouche Watershed)


Total of 41 digger logs or tree deflectors, Black river (Bouctouche Watershed). A total of 5 experimental check dams were installed in ditches near Mill Creek (Bouctouche Watershed).


41 digger logs and or tree deflectors, Murray Brook (Cocagne watershed).

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