Équipment requis

The Teacher’s Kit contains the following:

  • Curriculum Guide & other ASF Resource Materials
  • ASF Chiller Unit
  • 1 Hagen all-glass 33US gallon (125 Litre) fish tank
  • 1 Aquaclear 70 aquarium power filter
  • 1 Aquaclear 70 amrid ammonia remover insert (to be replaced annually)
  • 1 Aquaclear 70 activated carbon insert (to be replaced annually)
  • 1 Aquaclear 70 foam filter insert (to be replaced annually)
  • 1 power filter water intake screening (to prevent fish from entering the Aquaclear power filter)
  • enough pebbles to provide shelter on the aquarium bottom
  • 1 nylon dip net
  • flexible tubing (6ft), 3/16″
  • 1 thermometer
  • 1 aquarium background poster (check with your contacts)

Chiller Units
The chiller unit is a major piece of equipment that is custom produced for the Fish Friends Program. It includes a compressor, cooling coil, motor and fan, and is capable of cooling your unit under any and all conditions.