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Fish Friends shows youngsters how important wild species are to all of us and does it in ways they will never forget.

Fish Friends lets children learn first hand about the wonderfully exciting life in our rivers and oceans. It also details the marvelous lifecycle of the wild Atlantic salmon. This is the story of a magnificent creature we share this planet with; one that migrates thousands of miles and undergoes remarkable changes to survive in both fresh and salt water.

Fish Friends develops a sense of environmental stewardship. The program stimulates students of all abilities, and from all backgrounds.

Fish Friends is what education should be! It provides magical moments for many students and teachers that go beyond the everyday classroom experience.

A few facts:

  • While developed by ASF in 1992, Fish Friends is now supported locally, by a variety of environmental and no longer by ASF.
  • All parts of the program are environmentally friendly, including the coolants used in the chiller units since the beginning of Fish Friends
  • The curriculum materials have been rigorously classroom-tested, yet teachers can easily adjust the material to suit their own interests and needs. It has been used as the basis for integrated courses involving mathematics, science, writing, social-studies and literature